The Six Pack Special is designed for teams that cannot form a large enough team for 10 legs or for solos and two person teams that want to run approximately a marathon.  To complete the Six Pack Special, teams run six legs: Run Leg 1, then leave Outfield Beer Co and drive to Leg 4 starting at the Power Plant, run Leg, 5, 6, 7 and then drive to Outfield Beer Co to complete Leg 10. Teams start and finish at Ten & Two and Own Agenda Brewery. This combination of legs gives your team the most scenic and fun legs to travel. 

For more information refer to the Team Information and the Registration Directions.


Start  Name Address Miles Total 
1 – LEG 1  Ten & Two Coffee 611 W 2nd St                Bonner Springs, KS 66012 to  Outfield Brewery  3.27 3.27 Easy: Flat, paved
2 – LEG 4 Power Plant  1900 Kansas Ave                Kansas City, KS 66105 to  LKQ (Keystone Auto) 3.46 6.73 Easy: Flat fine gravel
3 – LEG 5 LKQ (Keystone Auto) 555 River Park Dr                 Kansas City, KS 66105 to  Kaw Point Park  2.40 9.13 Difficult: Undulating rock & paved
4 – LEG 6 Kaw Point Park  1403 Fairfax Trfy           Kansas City, KS 66115 to  LKQ (Keystone Auto) 2.40 11.53 Difficult: Undulating rock & paved
5 – LEG 7 LKQ (Keystone Auto) 555 River Park Dr        Kansas City, KS 66105 to  Power Plant  3.46 14.99 Easy: Flat fine gravel
6 – LEG 10 Outfield Brewery  10953 Kaw Dr     Edwardsville, KS 66111 to  Own Agenda Brewery  3.27 18.26 Easy: Flat, paved
Finish Own Agenda Brewery   611 W 2nd St,  Bonner Springs, KS 66012